Rotterdam Street Art Museum

Back in the days the ‘West-Kruiskade’ and the ‘1e Middellandstraat’ were Rotterdam’s most infamous streets because of its drug trafficking, dealers, and prostitution. Although drug trafficking together with its excesses has disappeared, these streets remain exciting!

In 2017 we started with the goal to attract more street art to the ‘West-Kruiskade’ and the ‘1e Middellandstraat’. Since that moment the street slowly started to transform to the Rotterdam Street Art Museum. The location combined with the history of this area made this project a match made in heaven.

Thanks to the excellent reviews of Lonely Planet, tourists from around the world nowadays visit the street because of the inhabitants’ 170 different nationalities and cultures, the abundant colors at their shops and the smells and tastes of their innumerable eateries. This multicultural area reflects the real Rotterdam, making this famous shopping street very unique!


Where to find Rotterdam Street Art Museum?


Artists & Walls

All of these artworks are located in the main and sidestreets of the West-Kruiskade and the 1e Middellandstraat in Rotterdam.



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What other people say about us

  • "We love working on this project. With Toko51 as the homebase for Cretopia Rotterdam, we fell in love with the West-kruiskade. This is a great gift for the most beautiful street from Rotterdam."

    Cretopia Rotterdam
  • "The city of Rotterdam needs a spot like Rotterdam Streetart Museum."

    Gemeente Rotterdam


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