Sharon van Dams


Painture Collective helped Sharon to translate her artwork from a painting to a wall.


West-Kruiskade 63A

Rotterdam Streetart Museum - maison savant - sharon van dams

About Artist

Sharon comes across as a very quiet and timid person, but when she takes crayons in her hands, she shows an exceptional strength.

In Sharon’s childhood she drew many manga-like figures. Later at school at the Auris College, a school where students who have difficulty expressing themselves through language attend, she stood out for her drawing talent.

In February 2017, Sharon will be given a place at Atelier Herenplaats where she had a chance to develop her skills as an artist for 4 days a week. She solely draws girls and women, men do not appear in her work.

Production by

Maison savantGalerie Atelier Herenplaats

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